Standing Guard Break

Instructed By: 
Babs Olusanmokun
BJJ Standing Guard Break
Technique Set Up: 

This is a good option for those times when you attempt to break open your opponent's guard from your knees, and you keep getting your posture broken, or otherwise have difficulty breaking the guard open from your knees.

Technique Description: 
  1. Maintain good posture inside opponent's Closed Guard
  2. Left hand Cuff Grips or Pistol Grips opponent's right hand (Some people advocate for "cross gripping", or handing off your opponent's right hand to your own right hand prior to standing up. This will tighten the grip but also expose you to a potential Oma Plata)
  3. Stand up with the left leg first (to avoid opponent sweeping you with his free left hand)
  4. Posture up with back straight and hips forward Left arm/elbow tight against opponent's knee
  5. Right hand grips the inside of opponent's left knee
  6. Left leg/knee at tailbone Right leg steps back while pushing on knee
Technique Video(s):