S Mount Arm Bar

Technique Set Up: 

Starting in the Mount position, you can set this technique up by threatening a Cross Collar Choke From Mount. You can start the same way you would with the choke set up by getting one hand deep inside the collar.

Technique Description: 

Brainstorm: You need ot get the knee under the arm before getting into S-mount. This can be done by threatening choke, or it could be done by riding knee up under arm, or it could be done by reaching back with your arm at the tip of the elbow and crossing the arm. Or, it could be brute-strenghted pop the arm across the body by striking the tricep across the body and laying on top of arm.

Once the arm is crossed, knee goes to the side of the head.

Depending upon body position, far side leg can just slide under, or you can grab opposite side arm to make room for far side leg to come under.

Good drill:


Two on one to get rid of the blocking arm:


Surprisingly good 101 video:


Pedro Suar set up to S-Mount:


Unreviewed at this point: