Maintaining Posture Inside Opponent's Closed Guard

Technique Description: 

  1. Keep your back straight (to remind yourself to keep your back straight, look at the ceiling, which tends to correct an un-straight back).
  2. Grip both of your opponent's lapels with your right hand, pull up slightly to get some slack, and then twist your hand with your knuckles down into your opponent.  Your hand should be on the soft part of your opponent's tummy, just below their rib cage (solar plexus).
  3. Grip your opponent's gi pants with your left hand on the inside of your opponent's upper thigh, just below his belt.  Place your elbow inside your opponent's leg, pressuring out against his lower thigh.  This should be somewhat painful for your opponent.
  4. You are now controlling your opponent's upper body with your right hand, and hips with your left hand.